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DJ index prediction

RANI develop a Stock Market Model to simulate tranding the different stock markets in the world using the ideas published by Rocha et all. and illustrated by the figure at the right. In this model, the expected price variation for the next trading is a function of the investor´s humor, the convergence between the buying and selling prices and the stock market price. The stock market price is powered by the expected benefit. See more.

DJ index prediction
Bovespa Trading

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Stock price simulation

The evolution of any stock price can be studied with the same model. The figure at right show the results for price evolution of two stocks at Bovespa. This simulation is possible because the evolution of anchored prices, as the stock price, can be computed from the historical variation. This is a fundamental difference between the Neurofinances and the Efficient Market Theories. This last one, assumes the price trajectory is randonm, and therefore unpredictable from its previous history.

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